Be your own boss and drive with Checker Yellow Cab!

With the current pandemic occurring, we at Checker Yellow know many people are out of work and struggling to pay bills. That is why we are in the process of recruiting new drivers! You can be your own boss, make your own hours, and still be able to make ends meet during this difficult time. Now that businesses are opening back up and people are collecting stimulus checks, business has been booming and we need your help to keep up with the customer demand!

If you have a clean 10-year driving record and SLED check and would like to become a driver, please contact the owner, Peyton Greene, to begin the process! With Checker Yellow Cab,  you are a self-employed independent contractor and have the freedom to work when and where you like!


Peyton Greene



6 responses to “Be your own boss and drive with Checker Yellow Cab!”

  1. Laura Brigette Spieler Avatar
    Laura Brigette Spieler

    Mr. Green, I am very interested in being a valuable asset to your company as a Full Time cab driver. I have a clean driving record,lots of Customer Service experience an engaging, professional demeanor and a strong drive to make money. I value & admire hard working people & strive to be so myself in all things Professional and Personal. I would like to schedule an interview with you and am readily available to start asap. Yours In Service, Laura Spieler

  2. Kevin Wesley Avatar
    Kevin Wesley

    Great driver

  3. Mishonda Robertson Avatar
    Mishonda Robertson

    I am a very dedicated and hard worker who love being around people and love traveling. Driving is easy and breezy for me and I would make a great employee. I look forward to working for checker yellow cab company. I have a great driving record and no criminal record.

    1. Checker Yellow Cab Avatar
      Checker Yellow Cab

      We look forward to a future cab driver !!! Please call Peyton 803-739-7135 ext 3

  4. Danielle Teigue Avatar
    Danielle Teigue

    Hi I’m very interested in finding more information about driving with this company! I drove cabs in Atlanta Georgia and absolutely loved it, my two favorite things in life is driving and meeting new people so being a cab driver has always been the best job for me. But please let me know what I can do to maybe start with this company. Thank you!!
    -Danielle Teigue

    1. Checker Yellow Cab Avatar
      Checker Yellow Cab


      Please call Peyton @ 803-739-7135

      Thanks and have a wonderful day

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