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Calloway’s Bar & Grill uses Checker Yellow Gift Cards

Calloway’s Sports Bar & Grill has associated with Checker Yellow Cab in their anti-drunk driving awareness program.  Calloway’s purchased $10 Checker Yellow Cab gift cards and gives them to any customer that has too much to drink.  Way to go Calloway’s !!!   The owners (Bill & Mike) really like the gift card concept and have also had their bartenders download the mobile app to use for ordering a Checker Yellow Cab.

Calloway’s is a local West Columbia favorite with excellent food and games.  Calloway’s is located at 2410 Augusta Rd.  You can learn more about them by visiting their web site below:





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One comment on “Calloway’s Bar & Grill uses Checker Yellow Gift Cards

  1. Andy Peake on said:

    I heard there is a Guy that goes by the name of “Gator” that lives at Calloways that can point you in the right direction of the gift cards :-)

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